Is it really possible to build a Smart Swimming pool in Hours ?

Is it really possible to build a Smart Swimming pool in Hours ?

November 19, 2018 0 By admin

Smart swimming pools are an ideal choice of swimming equipment for your apartments, gyms or clubs. These modern swimming pools are a far superior variant of regular type swimming pools. Building smart swimming pools are implemented using cost-effective and offhand techniques.

Smart swimming pools are classy, stylish and well equipped with sporting and hydrotherapy amenities that put regular swimming pools to shame. Many famous and high-profile personalities like to have these swimming pools for their houses and penthouses. Persons who prefer to have a swimming pool combined with customized features and lifestyle pieces of equipment for sports and recreation choose this smart swimming equipment.

Apart from many advanced features like Jacuzzi and temperature control, Smart Pools have automated pool cleaning systems and environmentally dependable power management systems which make it the most interesting and must-have product for new generation aqua enthusiasts. Some of these swimming pool companies in Dubai, UAE will give heed to your swimming pool inquiries.

Building various swimming pool and the complexities that follow.

Concrete/Gunite swimming pools

If you examine about topics on concrete/gunite swimming pools construction on the net, you might find the work procedures very exhaustive and long to complete. Obviously swimming pool contractors would claim 8 to 12 weeks for completing a project but the reality is that it may extend for many days more because it covers so many steps like a design, steel plumbing, electrical gunite, plastering, fiberglass deck, landscaping, and customized features.

Vinyl liner swimming pools

A vinyl pool takes minimum 4-8 weeks to be built. It takes lesser procedures to be built than a normal swimming pool but it still requires a lot of inspection. After excavating a hole and reinforcing the pool walls with steel and wooden frames, a fabricated pool panel is installed to the back and it takes no longer than a day. Vinyl liners are custom made covers of vinyl, which serve as a divider between water and your swimming pool structure. When the vinyl liner is placed, it’s vacuum gets sucked into the area when the water is filled. But it is still at risk because if the liner is too thin it has a high risk of getting teared up.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass pools on other hand are an improvement when you list about the standard features like durability and material quality it is made of. The pools can be heated to provide the artificial swimming season conditions and it also can be added with designer-led lights which can aid you for night swimming. To build a fiberglass pool is practically easy as not many sophistications are required, a hole of the appropriate size is dug. A sand filler layer is added to lower the swimming pool structure to the hole with the appropriate plumbing. Soon after that, a fiberglass reinforced, plastic mold of the same shape of the hole is arranged in the pit. Later they level-up the pool and provide it with plumbing, fasten it all up and backfill up to the area around the pool with sand. The installation process will take around 14 – 30 days to have the fiberglass pool completely set and to be used by persons. Once again the built of swimming pools depends on the complexity of works along with the tests and inspections to confirm how good the structure is.

How smart pool can save your time

A smart swimming pool is the most advanced type of swimming pool available in the market, they come in many sizes varying from 8ft to13ft. The most important feature about these swimming pools are the building materials. The materials used for building smart pools are of high-quality fiberglass stuff which is used in building yachts and boats. You can have your smart pool built either inside your home or outside on your courtyard as it requires minimal space and landscaping requirements. The digging work, the fiberglass tub settings, and the fittings along with installation works are also completed with minimal time and resources. There are many best swimming pool builders in Dubai, UAE for you to view and make note of.

Features that make the smart swimming pool very efficient


Widely known for the superior quality and strength, smart pool tubs are leak proof and robust in its quality.


Smartpools are completely hassle-free to install, clean and maintain. The lining of the pools are usually easy to install and hardly any algae grow on the surface of the walls of these smart pools.


Smartpools have the safest features like skid resistant pavers, hydrostatic relief valves, and smart drain, which gives these swimming pools lifetime durability.


Smart swimming pools are inbuilt with wireless technology which makes it easily manageable from anywhere by just using the dedicated mobile app from your smartphone.


The smart pools are having inbuilt nozzles on its walls and floors that push the debris towards the drain. It is programmed with automated technology which does the cleaning task regularly. Therefore extra cleaning equipments or manual tools are not required for cleaning your swimming pool.


Smart swimming pools are the first of its kind green tech products in the swimming pool category. It is 100% environmentally safe and uses only minimum levels of chemicals, plus it implements completely contamination free waste disposal methods. These pools are green certified by the ministry of energy.


Laps pools use laps technology for beginners, expert swimmers and athletes. It creates a smooth flow of water in form of non-turbulent waves making swimming and workout easier for sportspersons.

With all the details above and from various surveys by swimming pool contractors and customers, it is, therefore as a fact affirmed by many that smart swimming pools are the appropriate choice for swimming. Also, it is a complete equipment that you as a vested consumer must have in your home, gym or office.

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