Here’s the science behind A Perfect SWIMMING POOL AUTOMATION

Here’s the science behind A Perfect SWIMMING POOL AUTOMATION

January 8, 2019 0 By admin

Smart pools are modern, versatile and have automation features that help to observe and control all operations and maintain them with ease. But there are more options and features in a smart pool which makes it more reliable and handy for customers to own it. Let us know a few things about smart pool automation.

Smart pools are versatile pools that have the most advanced features for all your needs both for fitness and hobby. Smart pools are not like other pools, it is made specifically for people who have are of a distinct class. Smart pools automation system monitor and maintain the freshness of waters and make sure the swimming pool is free from debris, algae, and microbes. It also has temperature control that makes it possible to swim in any kind of weather. Therefore Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai have shifted to more modern and advanced automated designs for enthusiasts in their city before the rest of the world.

Pool automation evolved as a system to include superb functionalities to run the pool and the spa combining features like temperature control, heater setpoints for preventing pipes freeze.

Is Automation necessary?

Swimming pools with smart technologies are indeed the future model of swimming pools. If you are considering features for a swimming pool with wireless technologies and automation. But have there been any progress to the swimming pool products and accessories, as the way consumers can be made aware of its advantages. Automation is everything that mankind wants their services and product to be. Controlling the pool and its functions seated at a distant place is amazing. That’s why the swimming pool companies in UAE have made automation necessary for their products.

The evolution of automation has made it efficient and more energy saving. The revolution in wireless technology began with the development of (PCB)s.  It all started at the beginning of the ’90s with the core advancements implemented in (2005-2006). These systems did have limitations when it comes to maintenance. These pool systems today are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to performance, because of new digital technology.

In every way, smart pools provide more than what other pools offer. Some of the greatest swimming pools offer smart systems to combine swimming pools with smart home systems. Let’s find out what makes swimming pool automation so necessary.

1.Water quality

Swimming pool water quality is regularly checked and maintained using the app installed in the phone. Swimming pools water quality is tracked with the indicators like pH value, salinity and conductivity, and temperature etc.

2. Safety

Safety of the swimming pool is another important reason that most swimming pools have automation. Young swimmers and kids are more prone to drown in a pool. In order to prevent them from drowning. There are special anti-drowning wristbands which will keep you vigilant about the kids swimming. Also, automated pool alarms and pool cover automation are available in the smart pools to prevent unfortunate incidents and make swimming pools a safe place to do anything.

3. Pool filtration

Smart swimming pools are coming with pool filtration automation systems. It makes it pretty effective for filtering the pool water and maintaining water quality. As known to the fact that swimming pools if not filtered and disinfected will because of any kind of viral and bacterial diseases.

4. Remote Lighting

Lighting in the swimming pools is added to give style and ambiance. Swimming pools fitted with LED lights give it a posh and amusing feeling. Swimming pools lighting is remotely controlled and is done so by the dedicated smartphone app by managing it during day or night.

5. Water level management

Water level management can be monitored and at the same time, users can autonomously control the pumps speed and as well as turn off the water supply when the water level reaches the limit. Because excess water levels can barge into the skimmers of the water filter and reduce its performance.

Therefore all the above features of the smart pool make it an advantage and definitely a must-have option for beginners and swimming enthusiasts.

To integrate it or not…

With the advancement of wireless internet and improvised automation systems. Swimming pools were probably expected to be connected with home automation systems.

But what not is possible today?

Smart Swimming pools have therefore evolved its own independent automatic control systems which allow it to be controlled using a smartphone app using the internet. That’s why there are more options for a homeowner when he can control the swimming pool and his home separately on different apps.

Integration of smart pools with home automation systems is not a very practical solution as certain features of spas and smart pools won’t work in a home automation app.

How does It work?

The first and foremost thing to make note of is to add a reliable and working internet connection with the smart pool system. The speed of the net must be a minimum of 3 Mbps. The latest smart pool pad has all the technology to connect with the ethernet of the home network systems.

But the heart of the pool automation is the control hub that connects your pump, heater and smart relays which controls additional devices like lights and booster pumps. It all can be operated with a touch screen control pad. In case the internet connection fails, you can use the pool pad to control everything.

Smartpool a carefree system…

Swimming pools will never be the same old singular facility that’s just only used for swimming. Modern swimming pools are more compact, handy and suitable for multiple uses other than swimming. They come in all shapes and contains features like artificial wavemakers and waterfalls and have led lights to suit its ambiance and luxurious looks. Smartpools are connected with a dedicated smartphone app for monitoring and controlling almost everything from water quality, water level, pool covers, safety alarm and amusements like whirlpool, waterfalls and led lighting etc. Automate your swimming pool and experience the moment of becoming carefree and completely stress-free of its maintenance

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