12 Reasons On Why Smartpool Is Better Than Other Pools

12 Reasons On Why Smartpool Is Better Than Other Pools

July 23, 2018 0 By admin

Smartpools are different from ordinary pools in that they are compact, temperature controlled, and easy to install. They are also the world’s first green certified eco-friendly swimming pools. It’s fun to swim in Smartpool where you can swim without the hassles of a regular swimming pool.  Here are some of the best reasons to buy and install a smart pool.

Smart Pool

LAPS (Laminar Aqua Propulsion System)

Smartpools are integrated with the LAPS system, a unique patented technology. This propulsion system provides a laminar river like flow throughout the pool and can displace a staggering 3000 liters per minute. You can adjust the flow speed as per your convenience. It is so efficient that it has even attracted the eyes of professional athletes.

World’s First Green Certified Pool 

smart pools uae

Smartpool is the World’s first green-certified pool. These are eco-friendly swimming pools that cause minimum damage to the environment around them. Regular swimming pools are built from concrete and they cause a lot of damage to the environment around them.




Advanced Marine Grade Structure (AMGC)

Traditional swimming pools are made of concrete, but Smartpools are made of Advanced Marine Grade Structure, the same material that is used to construct marine boats, a kind of carbon fiber. It is durable and long lasting, unlike regular concrete pools that show early signs of damage and require constant maintenance.

Built anywhere and everywhere

Smartpools can be installed anywhere, inside or outside a complex, on top of a terrace or in a corner in an underground hall, unlike regular pools that are hard to install and really bulky. Smartpools are also compact and easy to install in a place, unlike regular swimming pools that take months to construct.

Saves Money

Regular swimming pools are really expensive to install and maintain. But Smartpools are relatively cheap to install and maintain. Regular pools add expenses by the need to buy products that are essential to clean pools and maintain it overall, but having a smart pool solves that issue.

Saves Electricity

Smartpools require much less electrical power to operate compared to regular swimming pools. This helps you save both electricity and money.

Workout Pool

LAPS technology in Smartpools helps to create laminar river like flow in the smart pool and the flow can be adjusted, according to your athletic endeavors. The flow can be increased to that point where it is challenging for even an athlete to swim in, and therefore Smartpools are a great workout pool.

Superb Filtration System

Smartpools have a superb filtration system and the water need to be filled only once. It has an excellent filtration system to filter out microbes and other impurities in the water using a UV filtration system.

Temperature Controlled Swimming Pools

Smartpools are temperature controlled and the water temperature can be set to any degree, which means you can swim in any weather condition whether hot or cold.

Unlimited fun and Leisure

Smartpools are an unlimited source of fun and entertainment. Having a swimming pool and that too, one that can be used during any weather adds to the enjoyment. It is a great place for family and friends to come together, socialize and entertain and have some fun.

Mineral Water Pools

Smartpools give specially treated salt water for purification instead of chlorine treated water. It is good for health and unlike chlorine, it doesn’t damage the skin and body senses like eyesight.

Provides countless health benefits

Swimming is a great exercise for burning fat, building strength and endurance, and it is also known to reduce blood pressure. So having a Smartpool adds to the advantage.

Smartpools are different in that they are efficient and easy to install than regular swimming pools and they provide countless health benefits. They are also the only green certified pool in the world. Installing a Smartpool is a great addition to your home and your family that lets you enjoy swimming in any weather.

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