5 Ways To Relieve Lower Back Pain Or Neck Pain Using Swimming

5 Ways To Relieve Lower Back Pain Or Neck Pain Using Swimming

November 5, 2018 0 By admin

Many physiotherapists and doctors recommend swimming and hydrotherapy to their patients who need relief from neck and lower back pain…….


One of the most unpleasant experiences commonly suffered by every 3 out of 5 people is lower back and neck pain. For a few persons, it is just too unbearable and miserable to cope because it hinders their physical activities.

Common back pains and neck pains happen due to various reasons like sudden awkward movement, improper or repeated heavy lifting, sitting in poor postures, skeletal irregularities or due to a sports injury.

Some specialists recommend complete rest with a paracetamol or placebo, but it is not a pragmatic solution if the pain keeps coming back. Many physiotherapists and doctors recommend swimming and pool therapy as the most beneficial of all activities to cure back pain and neck pain. There is a wide range of swimming pool services offered in the middle east by these swimming pool maintenance companies in UAE.

Swimming Exercises As Recommended By Therapists

If a doctor recommends you to maintain mild activity in a swimming pool for relieving pain, then you are finally at the right place for treatment. Many patients have expressed great relief from pain while swimming and doing hydrotherapy.

The water with its cooling properties and natural thickness provides resistance which moderates the impact of swimmers movements. It helps to soothe and relaxes the patient. There are special kinds of pool specifically for therapy and exercise, and some swimming pool companies in Dubai have experts and designers to give you consultation on it.

Pool therapy for patients is completely done under strict observation of therapists and the key to this practice is the knowledge of proper swimming techniques and workout limiting to patients abilities without weakening them.

Let’s find out some of the essential exercises that physical therapists suggest.

Marching Through Water

Marching through water actually benefits your muscles and reduce the stiffness of the body. Walking in the water does wonders to your muscles and ligaments as it improves your posture and feet movements. Therefore walking in the water is too good and highly beneficial for your movements.

Knee To Chest Exercise

This exercise is done in a pool with water filled up to your chest by standing on one slightly bent leg, with the other leg lifted up to your chest by bending the knee. It is then released after holding the stretch for some time. This exercise is repeated with the other leg placed on the ground and the first leg lifted up the same way. You need to do this exercise after holding your hands on the wall so that you won’t lose balance.

Raise Your Legs

The method is just like the previous exercise, but instead of you lifting your leg bending the knee, this exercise is performed by standing straightly and lifting one leg under water until it stands like 90 degrees against your body. If you are able to do these exercises regularly, it will benefit you by providing flexibility by helping you to stretch further.

Superman Exercise

This exercise is plainly easy, all you need to do is to lay down on side of the pool stretching shoulder width apart. The buoyancy of the pool will support as you float in the water. You have to stretch out your legs as far as you can. This exercise will help you stretch your upper back, shoulders, lower back, and legs.

Backstroke Exercise

Perfect posture to swim for patients with back pain as it minimizes hyperextension(extending the back). It is regarded as the complete technique under observation of a coach. Other swimming strokes like freestyle require strenuous twisting of the body which is not good for patients with back pain. Make sure the patient is well balanced while swimming and do not overperform while swimming.

A significant point of information is that these exercises are to be done under complete observation of a coach or a trainer, just to make sure you don’t overdo these exercises because if a person is recovering from an injury and he swims without taking caution he would probably twist his back and cause damage.

Swimming benefits for curing back pain

For all patients suffering from back pain and neck pain, the major part of their treatment includes having painkillers and avoiding heavy exercises and activities. Swimming supports the minimal activities of the body, helps improving heart health and maintain body weight. It also allows reducing back pain caused due to a herniated disk, cramped nerve, and bone spurs.

 Swimming provides strength to the muscles that strengthen the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. It also enhances the spine which helps to overcome the pain. Swimming in warm temperature controlled pool helps improve the healing process and provides blood flow. A hot bath jacuzzi in a swimming pool relaxes patients after a swimming workout. There are many models of swimming pools with hot water jacuzzi built on side of the pool and it is provided by some of the best swimming pool companies in UAE

Make sure you remember these while swimming

  • Swimming can be a great exercise and therapy that can help your spine and neck. It is highly recommended for patients suffering from an injury or muscle strain. Bad and unusual swimming habits are needed to be avoided totally because it can cause back pain to become worse.
  • Front strokes in a pool are restrained by every therapist as it requires the swimmer to extend his lower back and swim freely which will give stress to the muscles around the patient’s spine. Make sure patients don’t swim that way.
  • Although being in the water has the benefit of reducing the impact of exercises on your body, the possibility to move around spontaneously in the pool can also harm you. Since bad swimming allows you to move in unusual ways which will develop unfavorable swimming habits that will worsen your back pain.
  • If patients use a floating board and wear goggles, for floating on the water, it will give great control to the neck and head of the patient while swimming and is also easier to breathe for them.
  • The water allows swimmers to flex appropriate muscles and provide patients with relief because it cools down the body. Swimming with comfortable strokes and slow movements will allow patients to have much better experience and therapy in the pool.
  • For an instance, backstroke is the best swimming stroke for patients with back pain. It gives the patient ample movement of their limbs without giving too much stress to the back. Also, it is very important that proper warmup exercises and stretching are completed before entering pool waters.


 As we know how swimming can be fun and it provides relief from stress, strain, and injury.No matter how you swim, a little bit of caution and instructions from a therapist or trainer is highly recommended. A complete workout in the pool along with ample rest and sleep will help patients to recover from pain and aches faster. A splash in the pool provides fun, exercise and relief from pain and stress. Moreover, it’s far better than consuming tablets for curing your back pain.

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